Since more than 8 years, we do mineral and toxic metal analysis on fur. We only need about 100 to 200 mg in a plastic bag or a small envelop.

The aim of fur analysis.

Fur/hair is the only matrix suitable for studying a long period of exposure to pollutants. Indeed, the fur/hair uses blood (proteins) to grow. The pollutants circulating in the blood are automatically captured by the weft of the fur when it grows and stay like that. Blood analysis is useful but contrary to fur/hair analysis, blood is a snapshot and not the integration of weeks of exposure.

Sampling for fur/hair analysis is very simple and non-invasive without any visit to the vet. Fur/hair washing is integrated into the analysis procedure and should not be done by the owner. This washing allows it to be decontaminated from all external pollutants. The samples will be mineralized with high concentrated acid on a hot plate and analyzed with ICP-MS Triple Quad for 29 to 45 elements which are toxic or essential.

Which animals should be tested

    • ADR animals with undiagnosed signs

    • As part of general wellness screening

    • Animals living in industrial/manufacturing area

    • Animals living around commercial farming

    • Animals exposed to chemically treated areas (lawns, landscaping, public areas)

    • Animals that eat inorganic objects (toys, remotes, items with batteries, food packaging, etc)

    • Animals on a high-fish diet


Sampling procedure

    • Clean a scissors

    • Cut ~ 100 to 200 mg of fur/hair (~ 1 to 2 tablespoons)

    • Cut closest to the skin and the length should not be more than 1.5 inches long

    • If the fur/hair is very long, cut just from the skin side less than 1.5 inches

    • Take care to not damage skin of the animal with the scissors (use a comb to protect the skin)

    • Put the sample in the plastic bag and the envelope with animal information’s

    • Send it to Delta-Biomarkers, 24 rue Jean Baldassini 69007 Lyon France and if possible an email to

Webinar from Rx Vitamins and VDI Lab (our partner) on Fur Analysis (at 17min).

Acid digestion

Triple Quad ICP-MS Analysis

Sample report